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When buying diamonds there are two distinct methods to keep in mind while shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry– traditional and lab-grown.     

At Serena, transparency is our top priority when we curate diamonds. We offer both types of diamonds, traditional, and lab-grown. Traditional diamonds are mined by extracting naturally occurring diamonds from the earth. This method exposes carbon to extreme heat and pressure beneath the earth’s crust creating a  diamond. Each mined diamond uniquely grows from the heart of the earth and at Serena, is conflict-free.

Diamonds created in a lab setting are referred to as lab-grown diamonds. Scientists grow diamonds in an environment that mimics that of traditional diamonds, which results in a lab-grown diamond that is  indistinguishable from a traditional diamond. The lab-grown environment creates diamonds with the same physical and chemical properties as diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds lack the environmental toll of mining and are often sold at a 30% discount to traditional diamonds. Other than the diamond’s origin, lab-grown diamonds are compositionally equal sharing high-quality features.

At Serena, you can choose either traditional or lab-grown diamonds, whichever is best for your preferences and budget.